The team at 7db can make your dreams a reality,  when altering and extending your family home.

It’s often overwhelming when first thinking about extending or altering your family home. We are here for you as your architect to coach you through each design stage, step by step as your one-to-one professional advisor.

Building an Extension: Where to Start?

Are you considering building an extension to your home? Whether you need extra space for a growing family or want to add value to your property, embarking on an extension project can be an exciting yet daunting task. The key to a successful extension lies in careful planning and knowing where to start. In this blog post, we will guide you through the essential steps to take when building an extension, helping you navigate the process with ease.

Assessing Your Needs and Setting a Budget

Before you begin any construction work or letting a build contract, it is crucial to assess your needs and define the purpose of your extension. We have developed a unique process of needs analysis and visualisation that ge’s you where you want to be. It’s all about what you are trying to achieve, why and how much time and effort will be required – and of course how much should you spend. Are you looking to create a new living area, add a bedroom, or perhaps build a home office? Understanding your requirements will help shape the design and functionality of your extension. Our unique design process will get you where you need to be with the minimum of stress. Our dolls house process starts with needs analysis, digital twinning, and visualisations of the interior and exterior design elements – all at a fixed time and cost to you as client – Yes indeed – fixed Architects fees!

Simultaneously, consider setting a realistic budget for your project. Research the average costs of similar extensions in your area and consult with professionals to get an accurate estimate. It’s vital to have a clear idea of how much you are willing to invest in your extension from the outset.

Hiring us as your Architect

Once you have a clear vision of your extension project, it’s time to bring in a professional. Hiring an architect is essential to ensure that your ideas are translated into a feasible and visually appealing design. We are focussed and experienced in home extensions and can define your requirements, budget, and timeline. As a skilled Architect we will help you navigate any planning restrictions and create a design that maximises the space available and complements your existing home.

Obtaining Planning Permissions and Building Regulations

Before you can start building, it’s crucial to check if you need planning permission for your extension. In some cases, certain types of extensions may be permitted under Permitted Development rights, while others may require planning approval. We will work with you as your architect to understand the regulations and any restrictions in your area.

Additionally, you will need to comply with building regulations to ensure the safety and structural integrity of your extension. Building regulations cover aspects such as insulation, fire safety, and accessibility. Engage with us at 7db to ensure your project meets these requirements.

Finding the Right Contractors

With your design finalised and the necessary permissions in place, it’s time to find the right contractor to bring your extension to life. We will help you obtain multiple quotes and check the credentials, experience, and references of potential contractors.

Remember that communication and transparency are crucial when working with contractors. Our stage 3 commisiion will clearly outline your expectations, timeline, and budget constraints to ensure a smooth working relationship throughout the construction process.

Managing the Construction Process

Once construction begins, it’s essential to closely manage the process to ensure everything stays on track. Regularly communicate with your contractor to stay informed about the progress and address any concerns promptly. Stay involved in the decision-making process, but also be open to professional advice and suggestions. We can act as your Contract Adminstrator within our Stage 4 commission.

During construction, keep an eye on the quality of workmanship and materials being used. Regular site visits can help you spot any potential issues early on, avoiding costly rectifications later. Remember, building an extension is a significant investment, and it’s crucial to ensure that the final result meets your expectations.

Enjoying Your New Space

After months of planning and construction, the day will come when your extension is complete. Take the time to appreciate the transformed space and enjoy the benefits it brings to your home and lifestyle. Whether it’s a cozy new living room or a spacious home office, your extension will undoubtedly enhance your property’s value and provide you with a space you can truly enjoy.

In conclusion, building an extension can be a rewarding endeavor when approached with careful planning and preparation. By assessing your needs, hiring the right professionals, obtaining necessary permissions, and managing the construction process, you can successfully create a beautiful and functional extension that meets your requirements. So, take that first step and start building your dream extension today with the team at 7db!

Our ‘dolls house’ process…

The solution you need begins with our dolls house process, the initial design and visualisation stage that explores what’s possible and opens up new ideas for you and your family.