How to make the most of your ceiling height when extending your home

Deciding upon a rooflight to get more natural light is a great idea – however there are some additional design options availalble to enhance the result

When placing a rooflight relative to an extension and the ceiling height is constrained by the existing house – we can form a coffer or raised ceiling element in the new build – which makes more of a feature of the natural light coming into the new space…

When the ceiling is relatively low – keeping the levels running through and past the extension line makes visual sense.

However adding a rooflight to the low ceiling will only add a shape of light on the ceiling – little visual impact will be available on the approach as the opening is close to your head height as you walk towards the opening.

A solution is to step and widen the physical opening – the rooflight can remain the same size – just alter the ceiling around the opening.

dolls house top down plan with interior furnishings
exterior view of dolls house extension to family home